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KANOMAX,A003/A004,Air Velocity Meter,풍속계,휴대용 풍속계,풍속 측정,열선식 측정기,Hot Wire Air Velocity Meter">

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  현재위치 : HOME > 제품정보 > 응용 기계별 > 풍속/풍량 측정 장치 > A003/A004


          A003/A004 (포켓형 풍속계)


  Indoor Air Quality


  Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning


  Clean Room









  Operation is very simple. A single switch does all function such as changeover air velocity

    and temperature, power on/off, holding result, and time constant,  Display Display reading in

    either metric or imperial units.


  Built-in temperature compensation circuit makes its extraordinary accuracy at any

     temperature within the specification.






  Model A003 / A004


A 0 0 3

A 0 0 4

Items to measure

Clean air of normal pressure/normal humidity


Air Velocity

0.1∼20m/s (20∼3,940 FPM)

Air Temperature


0∼50℃ (32∼122℉)


Air Velocity

±5% + 0.1m/s(+20 FPM) of indicated value with in temperature compensation of 10∼40℃ (50∼104℉)

Air Temperature




Air Velocity

0∼9.99m/s : 0.01m/s (minimum)   10∼20m/s : 0.1m/s

Air Temperature




Air Velocity

Less than 1sec. (Air velocity 1m/s : 90% response

Air Temperature


Less than 30sec.


 (1)Indication of battery left(4 steps)

 (2)FAST/SLOW  (3)Pause display

 (4)Change indicated units by dip switch (m/s, ℃→FPM, ℉)

Size of appearance

  Probe : Approx. Ø6(Ø10) x 200mm (Cable is Ø3.3 x Approx. 1.5m)   Main  body : Approx. 60(W) x 120(L) x 30(D) mm

Power supply

4-AA batteries : manganese battery, alkaline battery, Ni-Cd battery

Battery life

Approx. 4-hours (Air velocity 1m/s continuous measurement)

Temperature range to store



Approx. 180g (Include battery)

Consists of standard

Main Unit(1), Probe with Cable(1), AA size Battery(4), Manual(1)

Optional Accessories

Extension Rod (Telescopic type 166∼909mm)



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